Mr. Terumi Iwata (The Manager of Goodhill Iwami Factory)
Just Certified as the Highly Skilled Expert in Tottori Prefecture (Tottori Master)

鳥取県高度熟練技能者に認定されたグッドヒル岩美工場長 岩田輝美 His motto is “The importance of interaction to practice of model-based learning”

 Selected from among 26 fields of manufacturing in Tottori, Mr. Iwata, a suit maker has been certified as one of the experts (Tottori Master) in Tottori Prefecture who have outstanding techniques and aggressively cultivate their successors.
 49 years have passed since he began manufacturing men’s suits at the age of 18. Now he has realized three-dimensional modeling considering comfort and fit with full knowledge of the materials and their characteristics. He said, “I am always mindful to make supple suits.”
 He has dedicated himself to the section where high-end custom-made clothes are sewn or special clothes of new materials and new styles are made. He remembers the old days when he acquired a lot of techniques through making morning coats, suits, or overcoats with various kinds of materials.
 His accumulated experience is being transferred to the next generation through trainings for younger workers. It takes half a year to instruct garment makers in the whole process of making suits that contains dozens of manufacturing processes -machine-sewing, cutting, and hand-sewing of button holes and so on. His sincere attitude of teaching one-by-one to each learner is exactly that of “MASTER.”
 His motto is “The importance of interaction to practice of model-based learning.” His 16 apprentices have already spread to the head factory or overseas factories. He is happy to see their growth. “When they hit a slump, they come to me for advice. I understand that they are making efforts.”
Mr. Tsuyoshi Morita (Parts Center)
Passed 1st grade, In-house examination (August 25, 2019)

 Suits made by us are worn all over Japan. A lot of customers are pleased with our products and repeat ordering again and again.
 The advantage of custom-made suits is meeting the customers’ requirement in detail. For example, they can specify the front facing tailoring, the name embroidery, stitching, and sleeve opening designs. They can specify the pocket shape r additional pockets on trousers.
 Although their demands take a lot of time and work, it is our great pleasure to supply satisfactory clothes to our valued customers.
Ms. Keiko Furuta (Cutting Center)
Passed 1st grade, In-house examination (August 25, 2019)

 I started studying sewing about three years ago and had challenged the exam.
 Passing the exam was my goal, but I learned a lot beyond the goal.
 While studying, I became aware of the difficulty of making things and at the same time, the fun and the sense of accomplishment.
 My desire to "use my knowledge in my practical work" became stronger and stronger.
 Now I have become certified a 1st grade technician, but compared with other experts, I am not experienced in technology and skills.
 I would like to work in many places so that I can study and experience more in making use of my knowledge required in the diploma.
 More opportunities and places will help me continue making better things.
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